We have a reputation of providing the highest quality of mental health services for over 33 years. Approved by the Minnesota Department of Human Services as a Licensed Rule 29 Mental Health Clinic.

We are committed to maintaining your confidentiality and safeguarding your privacy and dignity.

Services Provided

Mental health services, urgent care, outpatient services, group therapy, psychiatric services for children, adolescents and adults, adolescent and adult day treatment, family counseling.

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Participating Plans
We are a service provider for many major health plans including Blue Cross, Medica, Health Partners, Medicare, Minnesota Medical Assistance, Preferred One, United Healthcare, and Behavioral Health Care Providers.
Private Pay Accepted - Payment due at time of service.

Outpatient Care

We serve children, adolescents and adults.  We provide comprehensive outpatient services and maintain referral resources for specialized needs.

Outpatient Therapy Services Provided

Marriage and family
Child and adolescent
Group therapy
Psychiatric services for adults, adolescents and children
Psychological evaluations, testing and assessment
Anxiety and worry
Attention deficit-hyperactivity assessment
Child play therapy
Adjustment counseling for health issues
Eating disorders
Stress reduction and relaxation training
Assertiveness training
Grief and loss issues
Sexual, physical and emotional abuse
DaTrac day treatment program
STAT outpatient assessment - day treatment program
Horizons community support program
Behavioral management programs
Training seminars/workshops, education and speakers
Addictive and compulsive behaviors
Consultation to Counselors, Churches and Organizations
Wellness and growth Counseling
Parenting skills training


Outpatient Psychiatry


What is the difference between a "psychologist" and a "psychiatrist"?


Generally speaking, a "psychologist" is a Mental Health Professional who is trained to help individuals better understand themselves and learn why they behave in certain ways, and to help those individuals modify their perceptions and adjust their behaviors to achieve greater happiness and fulfillment. 

On the other hand, a "psychiatrist" is a specially-trained medical doctor who has developed an expertise to delve more closely into the biochemistry of the brain -- to try to adjust chemical imbalances that can cause mental distress and other mental disorders.  Many psychiatrists also offer psychological counseling.

Our staff psychiatrists are licensed medical doctors who have chosen to specialize in the biochemistry of mental health, and who have decades of research and clinical experience to draw upon in their practice.

Our outpatient psychiatry services include:

Psychiatric consultation
Psychotropic medication evaluation and management


We are committed to providing comprehensive and integrated mental health services that meet the needs of clients, families and the community.