We have a reputation of providing the highest quality of mental health services for over 33 years. Approved by the Minnesota Department of Human Services as a Licensed Rule 29 Mental Health Clinic.

We are committed to maintaining your confidentiality and safeguarding your privacy and dignity.

Services Provided

Mental health services, urgent care, outpatient services, group therapy, psychiatric services for children, adolescents and adults, adolescent and adult day treatment, family counseling.

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Participating Plans
We are a service provider for many major health plans including Blue Cross, Medica, Health Partners, Medicare, Minnesota Medical Assistance, Preferred One, United Healthcare, and Behavioral Health Care Providers.
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We employ a holistic approach that is based on the belief that an individual’s state of mental health is influenced by a complex interaction of internal and external life factors.

The therapy groups provide a supportive cognitive behavioral environment that emphasizes the development of healthy coping skills and provide guidance, encouragement, education, and resources as a way to address problems and promote mental wellness. The program is designed to provide the level of service appropriate to each client’s situation.

The DaTRAC treatment tracks offer multidisciplinary and multimodal services in individualized treatment programs. All treatment participants complete a program assessment to determine the client's treatment needs and functional status. After this assessment the client's treatment plan is developed. Based on this treatment plan the client is scheduled in those day treatment and supplemental services which will address his or her treatment needs. In the treatment program the client may receive individual as well as group services. All of the treatment are open therapy groups in which clients will enter and leave at different times. Depending on the client's treatment needs clients can expect to attend one to five days each week for a minimum of three hours each day.

The program has two components:


  • STAT– a short-term comprehensive assessment and intensive stabilization component

  • DaTRAC– Longer focused treatment component



The Adult Day Treatment Program is composed of three primary treatment tracks. The three tracks of treatment are the Short-Term Assessment and Treatment (STAT), the Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and the Wellness and Recovery for Serious or Persistent Mental Health Problems (SPMI). DaTRAC is designed to provide intensive mental health services for clients who are transitioning from a more intensive level of care and need ongoing intensive services to continue their progress. Or, who are transitioning from a less intensive level of care and need more intensive services to begin their progress towards better mental health.

Behavior Characteristics

STAT and DaTRAC serve individuals who are experiencing serious and/or persistent problems in dealing with day to day stressors and maintenance of mental wellness, such as:

Difficulty coping at home, school, or work


Behavior that interferes with daily living


Unpleasant feelings of fear, anxiety, anger, hopelessness and depression


Preoccupation with certain thought patterns and/or behaviors which interfere with one’s life.


Self-injurious behavior or patterns


Recent or recurrent hospitalization


Mood disorders, schizophrenia and related thought disorders, anxiety disorders, and dissociative disorders

Individuals Must:

Desire to make lifestyle changes
Demonstrate the ability and willingness to functioning group therapy
Demonstrate the ability and willingness to manage chemical/alcohol use
Demonstrate the ability and willingness to control physical and verbal aggressive behaviors toward self or others
Are 18 years of age or older and have a source of funding