Kate Juliano


Apple Valley,Lakeville



Patients Age:
Age 18+


My therapeutic style is gentle, interactive, and compassionate and I believe that one of the most significant aspects of my role is to meet my clients “where they are” and to learn together. My approach is to establish a trusting, non-judgmental relationship and to listen to a client’s unique stories and help them develop strategies to cope in healthier, more successful ways. I value humor as a tool to be used in therapist, as appropriate. I believe that identifying patterns in our lives is a useful way for us to understand our own behavior and that this is a key component to self-learning and growth. I use a relational, psychodynamic approach, as well as a variety of other theories and techniques, to support clients through growth and change. This means I am interactive, present focused, and aware of the complex influences in life that contribute to complicated problems. I draw from a variety of perspectives to incorporate what will be most helpful for my clients. I value the differences that each individual brings to the therapy relationship. I am sensitive to and experienced in working with individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures, and with those who may identify with nontraditional roles, relationships, and/or lifestyles.