Men's Group

The group provides participants an atmosphere of honesty and support of one another while encouraging growth and change.   

The group plays the role of helping members:

  • Develop personal goals
  • Monitor and encourage progress towards achieving these goals
  • Develop insight into their problems
  • Generate possible solutions for these problems
  • Implementing and maintaining solutions

The group also helps members understand:  

  • Behaviors and attitudes which are ineffective in promoting positive and healthy interpersonal relationships and correct self-defeating behavior
  • Emotional motivations and conflicts

Group members are asked to consider and evaluate their developmental history, family dynamics and relationship history with the group. 

Each member of the group is expected to take an active role in presenting their own issues to the group, and in providing feedback and support to other members at each group meeting.  

After the first group meeting members are asked to contract to attend the group for ten successive weeks.  At the conclusion of each ten week cycle group members may elect to contract for additional sessions as needed.   

To schedule an appointment:

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At your request, we will contact you confidentially to discuss the program and set an appointment time. 

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