Learn more about our Telehealth service

At no additional cost, you can now access our services in the comfort and safety of your own home! 


We are accepting new patients of all ages in our therapy programs.

Our intensive outpatient programs for adolescents (ASTAT) and for adults (DATRAC) are also operating with telehealth and are accepting new patients. 

Find more information about Telehealth below:

Telehealth is the use of video conferencing to virtually meet with your provider for your scheduled appointment instead of physically coming to our office locations. 

There is no additional cost to use telehealth for your appointment!

If you are interested in virtually meeting with your provider for your next appointment, please contact our billing department to check that your insurance covers telehealth sessions and that your provider is approved for this service. You can reach our billing department at 651-395-5793.

If your provider has already contacted you about using video conferencing for your next appointment, please proceed with their instructions.

If your insurance plan does not cover telehealth services you may be able to work out a self-payment option with your current provider to access this service.

Yes! Zoom is a HIPAA compliant application. As providers, we have licensed versions of the software which encrypt client information so it remains secure. The meeting ID and passwords are specific and unique to each client session.

You can use our online bill pay to submit payment for your copay or balances due for your appointment. You can also still contact our billing office directly at 651-395-5793 to make any necessary payments as well. 

Click here for online bill pay!

You will need either a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer with access to WiFi. Your device will need to have video & microphone capabilities. Most smartphones and tablets will be equipped with a camera and microphone. If you are using Zoom from your laptop or computer, you will need to make sure your device has video and microphone capabilities.

I qualify for telehealth services! What do I do next?

1. Please download the Zoom app onto your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer before your next appointment. You can find the Zoom app in most app store or click here to download: https://zoom.us/download



2. Pick a spot for your appointment.

Once you are set up with the Zoom app, pick a location for your telehealth session where you feel comfortable. We suggest a private room where you feel as comfortable as you would coming to see your provider in our office. You can also connect a set of earbuds/headphones to your device with a microphone for more privacy during your session.

3. Get your session login information.

Before your session, your provider will call you and provide you with a 9 digit Meeting ID and a password for you to enter into the Zoom app. You can join the meeting by entering the meeting ID and password at the time of your scheduled appointment.

4. Log in for your appointment & join the meeting. Log into the Zoom app or Zoom website on your browser. Then click the button that says “Join Meeting”.


Web browser view:


Smartphone/Tablet/App view:



Type in your 9-digit “Meeting ID”. This ID is unique to each appointment and will change for every appointment.


Instructions for joining from your browser:

If you are joining from your browser and not using the app, you will click on the link that says “join from your browser” on the bottom of the screen. If you see a pop-up window asking you to “launch the app” – click cancel before clicking “join from your browser”.


After you’ve joined the meeting, please enter the password supplied to you by your provider for your telehealth appointment.

You may choose a password to use for each appointment and this password can remain the same for every appointment, unlike the Meeting ID #, which will never be the same number twice.


You should now be logged in to your appointment! It will take you a couple next steps to make sure you are connected through video and audio.

Always choose “Join with Video” and  “Call using Internet Audio”